About TeddySit

TeddySit ® is a booster seat for children between 3 and 6

TeddySit ® is a Danish family business, whose object is to manufacture booster seats designed on the children’s terms. The seat is aimed at children between 3 and 6. The cushion has been developed having in mind happy and cosy meals when the family is on the move. We therefore aim at ensuring that our booster seats will speak to the feelings with a unique design signalling trust, peace of mind and attractiveness. Of course they must also be comfortable and nice to sit on – and to touch. TeddySit ® will provide your child with a sense of independence and pride to sit on an adult chair. We work with Danish suppliers who are also passionate about creating ‘magical’ quality products and joy!
  • Danish design – manufactured in Denmark
  • Digital textile print in Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • The material is 100% polyester upholstery in a delicate and soft imitation suede look. The material is coated and is easy to clean with a firmly wrung cloth if your child spills food or liquids
  • The back of the cushion has a non-slip finish to ensure that the booster seat remains on the seat
  • The cushion is fitted with a carrying strap making it easy to bring along
  • The cover is removable and machine-washable at 30°C. Wash separately. Use a mild detergent, and do not use a fabric softener or a tumble drier
  • Measurements: Diameter: 36 cm, height 9 cm
  • Weight: 385 grams
  • Padding: foam cushion, Oeko-Tex®
  • … you will get a travel-friendly, child-friendly and easy-to-clean booster seat

Did you know?

  • TeddySit weighs only 385 grams
  • TeddySit is designed in a delicate and soft imitation suede look
  • TeddySit is easy-to-clean

Pia, owner of TeddySit, explains

TeddySit ® is a family business – comprising Pia and Anders, and supported by their teenage son Emil. The TeddySit booster seat has been an idea hidden in a drawer. Ever since Emil was three, both Pia and Anders have lacked a solution, which they could use when dining out or when travelling. At the beginning of 2013, Pia decided to give up her marketing career and change lanes. Consequently, all drawers were re-opened. Here she found TeddySit … along with a quotation in some old papers from her time with Disneyland Paris: ”Make every day more magical”. We were inspired to pursue our dreams and create. Therefore, in March 2014 TeddySit ® became a reality. Today, the TeddySit ® brand has been expanded with cuddling pillows, hooks and sitting poufs. TeddySit ® is manufactured socially responsibly in Denmark. We are proud to work with Danish suppliers who like us are passionate about creating "magical" products and happiness!


TeddySit ® can also be used as a floor cushion when the children read or watch Children's Hour. They are also good for the game "Hot lava" and jumping games because the non-slip support keeps the cushion on the floor.

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