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Sustainable production Socially responsible in Denmark

At TeddySit ®, we are doing our best to ensure sustainable manufacture through the use of Danish manpower and handicraft. We thereby observe the term "Made in Denmark". With Danish manufacture, there is minimum stress on the environment, and we contribute positively to Danish society by creating jobs. TeddySit ® is proud to work with suppliers who like us are passionate about creating "magical" products and happiness!

The fabric for the illustrated designs is conjured up by a Danish business with its own printing shop and digital print. The sewing magic takes place at Huset Venture who are social developers to their very core. The team comprises skilled tailors and seamstresses. Huset Venture works to break down barriers and pave the way so that more people with reduced work capacity can actively participate in the labour market.

Quality with consideration

We make a conscious effort to minimize material waste in the manufacture and therefore also avoid seasonal designs. We cooperate with suppliers that naturally live up to EU's chemicals legislation REACH. For example, we use digital textile print in Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, the coating complies with the Oeko-Tex® class 1-4 (1 is for babies) requirements, and the cold foam seat cushions are certified according to Oeko-Tex®.

Unnecessary packaging is avoided, for which reason TeddySit ® is not packaged.
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